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Accommodation Services


In the YOUR HOME accommodation option Midway Community Care support people living with a disability to maintain their independence as valued members of their community by enabling them to live in their own home. Support is tailored to an individual's needs and goals, and targets areas that will maximise opportunity, independence, growth and personal outcomes.

The level of support that is provided is tailored to meet the needs of each individual and as such varies from one person to another. The aim of this service is to provide a high level of quality support in consultation with each person.

Through consultation with the person we support, their family and/or carers we develop a range of short, medium and long-term goals specifically designed to:

  • foster independence
  • promote self-reliance
  • encourage emotional development
  • support psychological progress
  • facilitate spiritual growth

Services provided may include but are not limited to the following:

  • promoting active inclusion and participation in community life
  • promoting independence
  • providing support to develop and sustain social and community relationships
  • developing skills to self-manage social interactions and community participation
  • facilitating ongoing learning, training and development
  • encouraging open communication with families, stakeholders and circles of support.
  • domestic support - supporting people with disabilities to maintain their residence e.g. laundry, cleaning, cooking;
  • personal care - depending upon individual circumstances, support will be provided to meet identified personal needs and goals

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There are as many Shared Living arrangements as there are unique individuals. There is no ‘one size fits all’. They all differ in a range of ways, including how the home environment is arranged, how the support is tailored to the person and how their shared lifestyle operates day-to-day. However they do share the main aim of providing support, and opportunities to the individual through the relationships formed.

There are, however, two main broad arrangements of Shared Living; Co-Residency is when an individual lives with another person, couple or family and they share their home and aspects of their life together. There are two types of co-resident arrangements that are distinct from group living arrangements as follows;

1. When the individual lives with another person, couple or family in the home of the person, couple or family (sometimes referred to as Host Families). This involves the individual living in the Shared Living Supporter’s home. The Shared Living Supporter(s) can range from a single person to a family with children, who share their home and everyday life with the individual. Whilst the individual is living in the house, the aim is that the house also becomes the individual’s home - the home reflecting everyone who lives there.


2. When the person, couple or family lives with the individual in the individual’s home. This is when the Shared Living Supporter lives in the home of the individual. The individual will own or lease their home through private or public means. The Shared Living Supporter can range from a single person to a couple with or without children.

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In the COMMUITY HOMES accommodation option homes are managed by Midway Community Care to provide a quality and caring environments for residents that is treated as their own home.

  • Living in a community home, with our skilled and dedicated staff, residents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of domestic home-life, including, cooking, cleaning, gardening and entertaining.
  • Community homes each accommodate from one to four residents and are located according to residents needs where ever possible.
  • This service provides support to people with an intellectual and/ or multiple disabilities.
  • The service provides long term support to each individual in a caring environment that will enable them to attain their potential, to develop independently in community settings, and for each person to be acknowledged as a contributing member within the community.
  • The service is provided to adults who have varying degrees of disabilities.
  • Accommodation Support Services has an ongoing commitment to address the significant unmet need for accommodation through the expansion of services (depending on funding availability), whilst maintaining and further developing the standard of existing services.
  • Accommodation support services are provided to residents ranging from those with relatively low support through to people with high support needs.
  • Midway Community Care endeavours to work together with residents’ families and significant others to meet individual needs.
  • Each house is staffed to meet the individual needs of residents, ranging from minimal to 24 hours support. Staff members participate in a comprehensive induction programme to ensure their understanding of the organisation’s ethos, policies and practices. Staff training, development and support occur on an ongoing basis.
  • Midway Community Care liaises with the State Government Housing Department for the acquisition of appropriate accommodation for residents’ needs, houses may be purpose-built or purchased from the local real estate market, with modifications made as required.

For more information call Midway Community Care on 95355500

Mission Statement

Midway Community Care is a caring, highly respected provider of quality disability services in the Peel Region.

Our Vision

To build stronger community partnerships which are inclusive and welcoming for people with disabilities.