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Family Support


Caring for a family member or a loved one can be very rewarding, but it can also be very demanding. Everyone needs a break occasionally as the primary Care Giver you may need a break to restore your energies.

Our Respite Home offers short-term respite for people with a disability.

This allows you, as the primary Care Giver the time to re-energise, go on holiday or just attend to the many other priorities in your life. It also gives the person you support an opportunity to have a break too.

The individual’s needs are discussed with the person, family and Care Giver so that both parties feel secure and comfortable during this time.

Find out how we might be able to assist your loved one through providing Respite and other

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This funding is provided under the Community Support Program at the Disability Services Commission. Family support provides supports to carers in the caring role and allows them to have a break from the caring role. It is provided through a wide range of activities/services/supports offered to and engaged in by people with a disability and their families. Respite should also provide a positive experience for the person with the disability. Supports may be formal or informal, and may be provided in or out of the home. The source of primary care remains with the family.

A Respite Brokerage Service provides funds directly to families/Carers that care for a person with a disability to purchase respite, community access services and supports.

Families manage their own support workers with the funding allocated by Midway Community Care. Past and current recipients of Respite Brokerage are invited to apply for funding annually. The funding is in Grant form, meaning that each funding round is only guaranteed for a 12 month period, deeming Midway Community Care Respite Brokerage non-recurrent.

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Intensive Family Support provides a wide range of flexible assistance to families/carers that provide support to a household member with a disability. The primary aim of Intensive Family Support is to build and enhance family well-being and strengthen family, carer and community relationships.

As a result of these flexible measures, individuals and their families/carers should be enabled to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Existing and new relationships, community connections and support networks are developed and enhanced.
  • Individual and family/carer capacity are strengthened to promote and maintain a positive home environment.
  • Independence of a person with a disability is facilitated, maintained and enhanced.
  • Individuals, families and/or carers engage in community activities that are appropriate for the life course of the person with a disability, reflecting their cultural identity.
  • Access to and inclusion in the community is increased.

Midway Community Care will tailor this service to an individual family's needs and the support can be provided in or out of home. This program assists people with disabilities to remain with their family and provides families with a break from their caring role. For many people support will come from family, friends, neighbours and other people. Sometimes people need more support and may apply for Intensive Family Support (IFS) Funding. Support may include someone coming into your home to provide personal care for your family member with a disability, providing opportunities for community inclusion and socialisation.

For more information call Midway Community Care on 95355500.

Mission Statement

Midway Community Care is a caring, highly respected provider of quality disability services in the Peel Region.

Our Vision

To build stronger community partnerships which are inclusive and welcoming for people with disabilities.