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Community Living

At Midway we are committed to partnering with you to give you the life you want.

The Service

Promoting and maintaining individual’s independence, in their own homes while embracing a meaningful and full life is at the heart of Midway’s values and goals. Ensuring that all individuals maintain regular inclusion within the community is just as important as living in a safe, clean and secure residence. We believe this is important for every wonderful person we support. Our accommodation services are designed with high quality living standards, and meaningful community engagement at the forefront of our service practice and commitment. A variety of high quality individualised accommodation services are available, tailored to meet your unique needs.

How We Deliver Success

Every staff member is chosen by Midway based upon client preferences and compatibility. Each staff member receives extensive training, mentoring and ongoing development to help them support the unique needs of each individual. We believe that everyone, both staff and residents, are capable of achieving wonderful things. We focus on the positives and choose to develop and grow people to their full potential. Each resident is highly involved in planning their life, with input from the people in their life, such as family members and advocates.

Services are designed around the individuals choices, needs and goals to create a service where Midway and the individual have a customized and personalized service specific to the individuals needs.

Why Midway?

Being created from families over 30 years ago, Midway continues to uphold a strong family based values ethos throughout our support team. These values promote all of us to pursue a good life for every individual. We have a strong commitment to deliver a high standard of service that is personalised, meaningful and client driven.

For more information call Midway Community Care on 95355500 or email us at reception@midwaycc.com.au