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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Midway’s Community Engagement service aims to partner with you to create unique and safe opportunities to develop life skills enabling you to get involved within your community. To provide the best opportunities for all people wishing to access services which will enable them to develop life skills needed.

How our service works

We will assist you to plan and develop your own journey through listening to what is important to you and what you would like to learn. You can expect the supports to be individualised and tailored to  your goals, dreams and aspirations. We will assist you to grow in confidence through pursuing your interests in life and learning new skills that will increase your confidence in life and the community. Midway maintain a culture of support and development for the people that access our services and staff. Our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated and have access to regular training. Midway can provide a wide range of services that are creative, interesting and holistic.

The services include:

  • Capacity building to develop life skills that are relevant and transferable
  • Developing interpersonal skills, social connections and making lifelong friends whilst having fun
  • Personal growth through active learning
  • Education through lifelong learning and ASDAN (Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network). A flexible educational framework designed to support positive learning outcomes in your chosen area. An accredited qualification can be achieved through ASDAN.
  • Accessing sport, recreation and leisure within the community
  • Volunteering, work experience and employment opportunities through a NDIS funded Customised Employment Program
  • Transition through life stages including leaving school

We aim to support you through your journey by getting to know you as an individual and those close to you who are involved in your life. Midway will respect your rights and empower you to have choice and control in directing the supports that you receive. Working with you, your family and specialist service providers will enable you to achieve the maximum potential and quality of life. The use of assistive technology and aids may also support this process.

How the service is provided

The service will be provided in a flexible manner and through maintaining a clear respect for a person’s rights and dignity. Midway hold strong values for all legal and ethical requirements. Each service will be individual and tailored to your needs.