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Our History and Objectives

Our History

Midway Community Care (Midway) has been providing support services to individuals with a disability in the Peel Region for over 25 years. These services include accommodation, respite brokerage support, alternatives to employment/post school options, residential respite & family support.

First incorporated in December 1987, by a small group of parents concerned with a lack of services in the Peel Region. Midway was the first in the district to offer a range of services for people with a disability and their families.

Midway focuses on the provision of high quality individualised services. Midway has actively lobbied for an increased variety of services within the Peel Region in order to ensure that there is a broad range of choice for people with a disability.

Fully committed to a strong set of values, their underlying philosophy and ideology, Midway is continuing to operate under a number of tenets adopted by the board and members back in 1989 as follows:

  • Midway adopted the ideology that recognises the importance of mutual relationships and all people have much to give as well as receive in such a relationship.
  • Midway has developed into an effective organisation with a highly individualised approach to providing high quality, personalised services.
  • Midway recognises the need for partnership between all levels of Government, the local community and businesses to enable the provision of high quality support services for people with a disability.
  • Midway is committed to ensure that people with a disability and their families are involved in all aspects of the management and planning of their own services and Midway recognises each individual and their families as being the most important auditors of our service.

Our Objectives

Client Satisfaction

To provide a range of innovative services for each person and their families to provide a quality of life that assists to fulfil each individual’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.


To successfully manage the organisation to ensure good governance, growth with financial viability and continuity of quality services.

Highly Skilled Staff

To develop and maintain a highly skilled, flexible and responsive team to meet the diverse needs of each individual.