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Social Enterprise

Do you want to be part of something that provides a service but also gives something back to the Community?

Midway Community Care is pleased to announce the introduction of our Social Enterprises across the Mandurah and Peel region. Our Social Enterprises are carefully developed to support people with disabilities in the region to achieve the goal of economic independence.

Each of the enterprises is designed to not only achieve a social outcome but also to support the individual to find the job they desire. So, while each enterprise is set up to achieve a commercial outcome and high standards of service, they also give something back. Not just to each individual, but the community.

Midway is offering several services already, but new services will also be appearing from time to time. This is because we tailor each enterprise based upon the needs of the community as well as the interests of the person.

To set up our Social Enterprises, Midway will look at the market to determine what the need is. We then either match people interested to an existing social enterprise or help them to create a viable enterprise themselves.

By taking this dual approach, each enterprise can achieve the most for everyone. Not only that, these businesses can help to provide much-needed local jobs.

Our Community Partners

These Social Enterprises are a significant part of Midway’s long-term vision for people with disabilities in the Mandurah and Peel region. However, they work well because we develop Community Partners to work alongside us. These partners are businesses and organisations who help out in whatever way they can.

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more, please contact us at reception@midwaycc.com.au